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Understanding Joint Laxity
and your Yoga Practice

Now available to watch from home!

We're delighted to announce Scott's workshop, Understanding Joint Jaxity and your Yoga Practice, is now available to purchase and view from home! Whether you were there in person, attended online, or didn't get a chance to join us, you can now access Scott's presentation in its entirety.

The Workshop
The looseness/stiffness of our joints varies from person to person, and greater joint laxity predisposes people to chronic pain and fatigue. Due to the emphasis on flexibility, the yoga community is often disproportionately populated by those with greater joint laxity.

While many in the Yoga community live with the challenges arising from joint laxity, Yoga can nonetheless be an effective means to work with joint laxity. In this program, you will learn how joint laxity is not the same as flexibility, along with practical techniques for working with various degrees of joint laxity.

Video Features
For $10, you'll receive a link to watch the video and access Scott's session notes. In addition, the 2 hour workshop has been broken up into 10 chapters, allowing you to not only see the outline of the presentation, but to immediately jump to a particular section. The chapters follow the session notes, to make it as easy as possible to absorb and integrate the material.

Get it Now
Click the button below to access the workshop. After completing Paypal checkout with any major credit card or your Paypal account, you'll be sent to a private webpage. Just bookmark this page and you can return to watch the workshop at any time, from any device connected to the internet. We hope you enjoy!


When I first started yoga with Scott Anderson a year ago, I was in  chronic body and joint pain. I had been unable to break thru the  cycle of activity, pain and injury. This had been going on for many 
years, and was taking a toll. Now, I am living in a body that has the 
strength and flexibility that I had decades ago, and with vastly 
reduced body and joint pain. I am impressed with the knowledge Scott  has of the body, as well as the mind-body connection, and how he was  able to introduce exquisitely appropriate and consistently small 
steps into my practice that built steadily upon each other to create  where I am now. I am not only having the pleasure of a renewed body, 
but the classes and teachings Scott has provided have helped to  create a very necessary and steady platform for my inner development 
as well. Scott's classes are a delight to partake in... they demand  us to be all we can be, and yet remain lightened-up as we do it. Scott is also a role model for me of someone who sincerely practices 
what they preach. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to 
study with someone of this caliber.

-Tibi L, Madison

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