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Great Teachers. Among our favorite Hatha Yoga teachers are Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, Richard Freeman and Dona Holleman. Eric Franklin's body of work is also very inspiring, and potentially very helpful to yoga teachers and anybody else interested in human movement.

Meditation is a great complement to the Hatha Yoga Practice. Scott has been working with the teacher Mingyur Rinpoche and deeply respects his body of work and Tergar organization. He also participates in the Joy of Living Meditation - Madison group, serving the Madison area.

Autism & Yoga. YogAutism is a non-profit organization founded by Scott, providing a low-cost yoga program to individuals with autism, rooted in the understandings and techniques of Alignment Yoga. Research is currently underway in partnership with the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in the Waisman Center.

Pilates. An intelligent Pilates program can be a great complement to your yoga practice. The Pilates exercises, performed properly, allow you to strengthen the regions that are difficult to access with yoga asana. The Blue Mounds Dharma Center and Mound Street Yoga Center are pleased to host the teachings of master teacher Collette Stewart.

NeuroVascular Integration. NeuroVascular Integration is built on the foundations of Osteopathy, and offers a hands-on technique for optimal health & vitality. NeuroVascular Integration is a great adjunct to your yoga practice.

Teacher Certification. There are so many yoga teachers - who's well-trained and who isn't? While certification is never a guarantee, members of the Yoga Alliance have completed a rigorous program of study.

Recommended Resources. These are some of the resources regularly consulted in the Advanced Studies Program:


Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance in both preparing for my surgery and now recovering from that surgery. I so much appreciate your clear explanations and wise advice.

-Gary, Waunakee

After more than 30 years of attending yoga classes, I find that the only thing to take my practice to the next level is to add the pre-yoga exercises. They address each of the areas where I need work. Where were they 30 years ago?

-Linda, Madison

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