Yoga classes and yoga teacher training by Scott Anderson at Alignment Yoga in Blue Mounds WI and Madison Wisconsin.

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Yoga is the unification of body, mind and spirit. By learning how to exist comfortably in our body within the gravitational field, we experience less pain & suffering. This frees our mind to contemplate the bigger picture. Practicing meditation quiets the background noise of our mind so we can more clearly hear what’s important to us. Please join us, as the journey of a lifetime starts with a single step!

In addition to teaching regular yoga classes, Scott also oversees the YogAutism classes for individuals with autism.


5:30 - 7:00pm

Mound Street

8:00 - 9:30am

Mound Street

Scott's Madison classes often fill in advance. To ensure your space, sign up for the class you plan to attend using the button below.


Class Prices

Single class


5-class pass*


10-class pass*


*Passes good for 6 months after first use

Private Yoga Instruction

Online booking is now available!

Private instruction creates the opportunity to more quickly and effectively develop a Hatha Yoga program appropriate for your individual wants and needs. Individual classes are especially useful for those with pre-existing physical imbalances or those desiring a program to achieve specific results. Private instruction is also a favorite for busy people who find a weekly class doesn't work into their schedules. $90 per session. Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

When booking online, you will need to select your date range before searching for open slots. By default, the system only shows the upcoming 2 months, and there are typically few openings in the coming 2 months.


Private Instruction occurs at the Mound Street Yoga Center on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the Blue Mounds Dharma Center on Thursdays.


When I first started yoga with Scott Anderson a year ago, I was in  chronic body and joint pain. I had been unable to break thru the  cycle of activity, pain and injury. This had been going on for many 
years, and was taking a toll. Now, I am living in a body that has the 
strength and flexibility that I had decades ago, and with vastly 
reduced body and joint pain. I am impressed with the knowledge Scott  has of the body, as well as the mind-body connection, and how he was  able to introduce exquisitely appropriate and consistently small 
steps into my practice that built steadily upon each other to create  where I am now. I am not only having the pleasure of a renewed body, 
but the classes and teachings Scott has provided have helped to  create a very necessary and steady platform for my inner development 
as well. Scott's classes are a delight to partake in... they demand  us to be all we can be, and yet remain lightened-up as we do it. Scott is also a role model for me of someone who sincerely practices 
what they preach. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to 
study with someone of this caliber.

-Tibi L, Madison

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